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    "Conscious travel does not necessarily conflict with environmental protection and sustainability, but rather educates and promotes international cooperation and exchange. However, much has been demanded of the planet in recent decades and we would like to contribute in giving back." 
    Carmen Stromberger

    Activities and initiatives of STROMBERGER PR

    Activities and initiatives of STROMBERGER PR

    • Award as a climate-positive company 2020 & 2021:
    • Triple offsetting of all carbon dioxide emissions caused by the agency through the purchase of climate protection certificates for projects in emerging and developing countries in cooperation with Focus Future GmbH & Co. KG
    • Own bee colony in cooperation with Beefuture
    • Use of green electricity by Greenpeace Energy
    • Train instead of flight on short distances
    • Conscious use of office supplies

    About Focus Future GmbH & Co. KG

    The primary objective of the sustainability consulting company Focus Future is the voluntary commitment to voluntary climate protection in a wide range of business sectors, the achievement of the Paris climate targets and the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. The interdisciplinary team, based in southern Germany and Austria, counts companies from industry, trade and the service sector as well as associations, municipalities and public institutions but also start-ups among its customers. Basis for the cooperation is the recording and calculation of the annual CO2 footprint using the official guideline of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Using this as a reference, a holistic climate and sustainability strategy is developed, which includes the acquisition of international climate protection certificates to offset the emissions caused.

    Further details on the Focus Future GmbH & Co KG can be found at (in German).


    The Beefuture team has set itself the task of inspiring companies for sustainable nature conservation and at the same time counteracting bee mortality and its consequences. This is made possible by the adoption of bee colonies, which are registered by the authorities and are, of course, looked after in a species-appropriate and professional manner by beekeepers on flowering meadows not far from Munich. A positive side effect is the own honey.

    Further information can be found at (in German)